Setting of Lights


I will dress a vigil light with condition oils and herbs and set it to burn on my altars. I will pray over it daily as it burns and send you a picture of the candle and a report on how it burned and whatever signs I see in the glass. Select from one of the conditions below. Not sure which candle works for your situation? Just email me for recommendations!

You can also purchase several lights to be burned in a row; this is called “setting a run of lights”. This is an excellent way to deal with long-term issues (like court cases, preparing for a big exam, etc) to keep the magic going for a long period of time. You would purchase all the lights in one transaction and make a note to me that you want the candles set as a run. I will dress and bless them all, and as each one is about to burn out I will light the next one from that old candle. That way, the light and energy keeps going.

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