How to Spiritually Clean Your House

Hi everyone! I hope the summer is treating you well.

Spiritual hygiene is very important. We all attract spiritual “gunk” just by interacting with the world, and we can pick it up from other people. I’ll be posting a separate article on how to spiritually cleanse yourself, but this post is going to focus on your home.

Even if you live by yourself (as I do) it’s important to keep your home spiritually clean, in addition to being physically clean. Yes, I know, housecleaning isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but keeping a sense of order and cleanliness in your most personal space will be the best environment for your spirits to live in. I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I physically and spiritually clean my house.

Here’s how I generally clean my house. Gather the following supplies:

-bucket of warm water

-Pine Sol (pine oil is a traditional cleanser spiritually, and Pine Sol has real pine oil in it)

-sponge or cloth

-regular cleaning supplies (like for the toilet and counters)

-Van Van or other spiritual cleansing type oil

-one tea light candle per room in your house

-straw broom with a wooden handle (optional)

PRO TIP: Add a few drops of the Van Van or other blessing/cleansing spiritual oil to all of your cleansing supplies and shake up the bottle, praying that your home will be cleansed and blessed.

Add the Pine Sol to the bucket of water and pray over it so that blessings and cleanliness will be in your house.

The first step is to physically clean: put away all the dirty laundry, books, papers, empty Domino’s boxes, etc. Get things organized. Then start from the top floor of the house in the back room; you’re going to work from back to front. If your place only has one floor, start in the back of the house. Dust and vacuum. Then use a sponge and the Pine Sol water to wipe down the baseboards of each room. If the room has hardwood or tile floors you can mop in there. But at the very least you should do the baseboards and the inside and outside of each door.

Work your way to the front door, then spend some time really cleaning this area; the front door of your house is where all your blessings enter; you want it to be especially blessed. Wipe down the inside and outside of the door from top to bottom.

When you’re all done with the bucket, take the water off your property and throw it out; don’t dump it down the sink.

Come back inside and get your bottle of blessing or Van Van type oil. Start at the front door and dab a five spot of oil on the inside and  outside of the door; a five spot is like the 5 side of a 6 sided dice:

1     2


4    5

Pray as you dress the door that only blessings will enter your home. Do this with all the doors in your house.

Once you’ve dressed the doors, take your tea lights and dress them with the blessing oil. Put one in each room of your house and light them, praying again for blessings.

And you’re done!

NOTE: If things have been icky or bad for you, an additional Haitian Vodou thing you can insert into this cleaning process before you begin cleaning with the Pine Sol water is: use the broom to sweep the whole house, even the carpeted areas, from back to front. Sweep all the way out your front door and out to where your property line ends. Then, break the broom and throw one half to the left and one half to the right. This breaks your cycle of bad luck. You don’t have to take this step every time you clean your house, but if things have been bad or unlucky you should try it.

In a future post I’ll talk about spiritually cleansing yourself!