Reading and Work Policies

  1. As they say in Haiti, “Houngan pa Bondye.” “Houngans aren’t God.” The same applies to me as a priestess. When I take on your case, I promise to do my absolute best to get the best and highest results for you, God and the spirits willing. I always consult the lwa before I take on any magical work. If they say that I cannot do the work for you for whatever reason, I will do my best to refer you to someone else. Sometimes, however, we ask the lwa for something and their answer is “No.” I will always be honest with my clients about what the lwa are and aren’t willing to do for them.
  2. Payment for readings and handmade ritual objects are due in full before items can be shipped and readings can be given.
  3. I will always treat my clients with the highest amount of respect and courtesy. I respectfully ask that you treat me the same way.
  4. Please be completely honest with me about the facts of your case. If I and the spirits are going to do successful work for you, I need to know everything: the names of any other people involved, names of lawyers, judges, former and current boyfriend/girlfriends, etc. If you are less than honest with me, I cannot promise that you will have success.
  5. Another saying in Haiti: “Houngan e manbo pa travay pou gwo mesi.” “Houngans and manbos don’t work for a big ‘thank you’.” Meaning: I cannot work for free. I have to pay my spirits for the work they do and I get paid for my labor and time. If you are having hard times and you need work done, please be honest with me and we can work out a payment plan. You wouldn’t expect your doctor or car mechanic to do work for you for free. It’s the same concept in Vodou.
  6. I welcome all kinds of people to come to me for help. I do not discriminate in terms of race, gender, gender expression/identity, national origin, religion, income, profession, etc. However, I will NOT consult with or do work or readings for sex offenders, drug dealers, or anyone who is involved in the abuse or exploitation of animals.
  7. I do not do killing work, so please don’t ask.
  8. I do not break up marriages. What I mean by that is: if you’re seeing someone who is married to someone else and you come to me wanting me to break up that marriage so you can get with the person, I will not do that. Marriage to me is a vow before God and that’s not my business to break. I WILL, however, if you are going through a divorce, help you leave that marriage safely and cleanly, and get the upper hand in custody battles or alimony.

If you have any questions, please contact me!


(Legal disclaimer: all services are offered for entertainment purposes only)