Testimonial on a mojo bag/oil I made for a client

“When I opened it, I was very surprised to see a full half-ounce of dressing oil to feed the bag with. I didn’t expect that at all and had planned on asking her how she prefers her mojos fed, but it was a really nice inclusion and assures that I feed the mojo correctly every time.

The oil itself has a mild scent and the bottle includes bits of the herbs and curios appropriate to the cause.

The mojo is great and I love it. It came in a hand-sewn red flannel bag, as is traditional and it smells delicious. I can’t even explain how delicious it smells. If the scent could be bottled up (and it probably can….), I would wear it every day.

Opening mojo bags is not recommended, but a quick grope gives anyone who has done work before an idea of what might be inside. It is small enough that I tuck in my bra every day before heading off to make some damn money, and I have grown quite attached to it very quickly. I feel as if I am missing something if I don’t have it, and I’ve sort of bonded with it, if that makes sense.

If you are in need or desire a mojo for your cause, Manbo Mary does good work and I highly recommend her.” – Alex