Our Lady of Sorrows Feast Day Candle Service: September 15

The feast day for Our Lady of Sorrows is on Saturday, September 15. Our Lady of Sorrows is the saint we in Vodou use to represent our beloved Ezili Freda, the lwa of romance, luxury, beauty, and scholarship.

I am offering a candle and prayer service for this beautiful lwa’s feast day. I will light a vigil candle for you, with your personalized petition and your picture (if you wish, or the picture of a person you’re praying for), on my altar and pray over it for 7 days.

The cost is $15 per candle. You can pay via PayPal at my email address: manbomary at gmail dot com. Please include your petition and any picture you wish to include. I must receive all requests and payments NO LATER THAN Friday September 14 at 5pm.

There is a beautiful devotion to the Sorrowful Mother that you can pray starting on her feast day; I often do it on the Thursdays during Lent (Thursday being the day for Ezili Freda). You can find the devotion here: