New Offering: FREE Community Prayer Service

Now offering FREE Monthly prayer service! In Vodou we start all our ceremonies with the “priye Ginen” or African prayer. A beautiful litany of sung and spoken French and Creole, it blesses and purifies the space and invokes the spirits before the ceremony begins. Starting the first weekend in January 2020, I will create an illumination (kind of like a lamp) to heat up your petitions and prayers, sing the entire prayer in front of my altar, and pray to God and the spirits for YOUR petitions. I am offering this FREE of charge as a community service. You can comment here with your prayer requests or email me privately: manbomary at gmail dot com. Remember: prayer changes things.

One thought on “New Offering: FREE Community Prayer Service

  1. Please petition the Lwa to continue to inspire, heal, protect, guide, Provide for and avenge me.. to continue to walk strongly and closely with me, as I daily surrender to Our Will ,Work & Sevis Lwa.
    Ayibobo! Stephen Michael Conick

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