Vodou Readings for Purchase

I offer traditional Vodou card readings for divination purposes. For legal reasons I must state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

I do readings in person and over the phone. I live in the Metro West area of Massachusetts, about 45 minutes west of Boston. If you are in that area I am available to come to you; I do not offer readings at my house at this time. You must be within 1 hour of the Boston area by driving if I am going to do an in-person reading for you.

For readings, I use a deck of specially prepared playing cards. There is a ceremony to doing a Vodou reading (or “leson”) that involves work on the reader’s part and on the client’s part. If you purchase a reading from me, you will need to have a few things available at the time of our reading:

  1. A plain white candle; one of those Sabbath candles you can find in the kosher section of your grocery store will do nicely.
  2. A mug of plain cool water
  3. Something to pour that water onto or into (like a dish or bowl)

I do ceremonial preparation on my end and then we begin the reading. A leson takes 32 cards (we don’t use all the cards in the deck), laid out in 4 rows of 8 cards each. Based on their position and how they fall, I can tell which lwa are speaking to you and what’s going on in your life. At a certain point in the reading, you can ask specific questions.

Vodou Reading (Leson) – $60 US   

You must pay first and your payment must go through on PayPal BEFORE I schedule you for a reading. No exceptions.

No refunds. Readings take about an hour, maybe longer. You may wish to have pen and paper handy to write down what we talk about; I’m unlikely to remember it afterwards. You can record our reading if you ask me first.

Hope to hear from you soon!